11 ways to save money in London

Yes, money wise, London is right there, among the most expensive cities in the world. Their standards are really high, which also means that travelling to London, can be quite a big expense. Non the less, with good planning (tip: following our page), you can still save quite a lot of money. How? Read on, to find out 11 tips on “how to save money in London”.


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1. Use private accommodations instead of hotels

Hotel is the easiest way of travel. They’re usually in center, they offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, some also have transport to the airport. What about the bad side? Well, the price, of course.

Luckily, there is a cheaper option. If you don’t mind sharing a room with 5,6,7 or more people, than hostel is made for you. It’s the cheapest option, but we’re not really sure about the quality of sleep.

There is also a third option, which we recommend and also use more or less. Private accommodations through Airbnb. You can choose from plenty of  private beds, entire homes, mansions, tree houses… Selection is great and everyone can find something for themselves. If you sigh up through our partner link, here, you’ll also get 30€ sign up bonus!

2. Buy Oyster Card

Oh yes, the good old Oyster card. London is huge and you’ll need to use some kind of public transportation, to get from one attraction to the other. The best and the cheapest way is with Oyster card. You can “top up” the card with desired amount of money, max 6,60£ per day or max. 33,00£ per week, and ride underground, DLR or buses as much as you want. There is a 3,00£ fee for the card, which you get back, when you return the card.

Whatever you do, avoid London cabs no matter what happens.

3. Walk 

That’s also an option. There are also some attractions quite near together, where you don’t need to spend time on the underground, especially in the “peak time”. For example Covent Garden – Leicester Square-Piccadilly Circus, three places worth seeing and totally walkable. Or even London Eye – Big Ben – Buckingham Palace… You just have to make the right plan.

London also offers some free “Walking tours”. You can check those out here.

4. Free museums


Entrance to most of museums in London is completely free. Yes free!

Here’s the list:

  • V&A (Victoria & Albert museum)
  • Natural History Museum
  • British Museum
  • Museum of London
  • Science Museum
  • Tate Modern
  • Tate Britain
  • Royal Air Force Museum
  • National Maritime Museum
  • National Portrait Gallery

5. 2for1

You can save some money, visiting Londons biggest attractions like London Eye or Tower of London, using “Day out guides” 2for1 offers. Like that, you can get 2 tickets for a price of one. You can check out the offer on this website. You will need a valid National Rail train ticket. You can get all the info on which tickets are valid right here.

6. Free views from the top

We definitely recommend seeing London from above.  London Eye or the Shard can be quite expensive, but luckily, there are also free alternatives. Firstly, there is Walkie Talkie or. Sky Garden, where the only thing you need to do is to book a free ticket. There is also an option to visit Aqua bar inside of the Shard, or the Heron building near Liverpool Street station, where you get the views for the price of drinks.

7. Free attractions

Watching the guard change in front of Buckingham Palace is completely free. Walk through Hyde Park also. You can visit the famous Abbey Road and remake the Beatles album cover. If you want to see something more “funky” or. “alternative”, you can spend a day in Camden Town, Shoreditch or Brixton.

8. Cheap theater tickets


Is your dream to see a show on West End? Well, with some luck, you can gt tickets for as much as 50% off. You can get them at TKT booth on Leicester Square. Cheaper tickets are available only on the day of the show.

If you are a Shakespeare fan, you can get show tickets for only 5,00£ at Globe theater. The catch? You’ll have to stand for the duration of the show.

You can find more advice’s on how to get cheaper tickets here.

9. Happy hour

“Social drinking” in London can be quite expensive. You can save some money, by going away from the main attractions. A lot of pubs also have an Happy Hour, so watch out for that!

10. Food

Eating in a restaurants is expensive by itself, in London, it gets even more expensive. Of course, you can always go to one of the fast food chains or buffets, which tend to be a cheaper option. You can find great deals on food on some markets (Camden, Borough, Brick Lane,…). Here, you can get food from all over the world and the prices usually don’t go over 5-6,00£.

If you’re looking for a quick snack, hop into Sainsbury or Tesco. They both offer so called “Meal deal”, where you get main dish (sandwich or a wrap), snack (chips, fruit) and a drink for about 3,00£. The only thing left is, to find the bench in park and enjoy.

11. London pass

Although we didn’t try it yet, definitely another way of saving money in London. London Pass offers more than 60 attractions for a discounted price. You can buy a 1,2,3 of 4 day pass. More days, bigger price – of course. Check if your attractions are in the offer and if buying a pass will benefit you. Among the attractions on offer you’ll find Tower of London, Tower Bridge, ride on Thames…

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