How to – London Underground (2020) [ENG]

London is a big city and if you’re not a marathon runner or a really enthusiastic walker, you’ll have to use one of the means of public transportation. For most, London underground or “The Tube” is still the best way to get around.

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11 ways to save money in London

Yes, money wise, London is right there, among the most expensive cities in the world. Their standards are really high, which also means that travelling to London, can be quite a big expense. Non the less, with good planning (tip: following our page), you can still save quite a lot of money. How? Read on, to find out 11 tips on “how to save money in London”.

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The Night Tube [ENG]

London is a city, that lives 24 hours a day and the only logical consequence would be, that the public transport would also “live” 24 hours a day. Until now, we could only use night buses and taxis but that’s about to change. From 19th of August 2016 we will be able to use London Tube overnight, at least during the weekends.

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What’s happening – July [ENG]

Summer! Even though London is not a seaside city, it’s still top summer destination for many travelers. Why? The city lights up with many festivals, city beaches and concerts. Are you a sports fan? Maybe you’ve heard about a little tennis tournament called Wimbledon. No matter what excites you, London is a must see destination this summer.

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DLR – Docklands Light Railway [ENG]

When it comes to London public transport, many will firstly think of red buses, black cabs and of course, the underground. These forms of public transport are perfectly fine for most of the tourists. Many of them don’t even know, that there’s another way of getting around some parts of London. And that’s automated light railway system called DLR. Nadaljujte z branjem

DLR – Docklands Light Railway [SLO]

Ob omembi londonskega javnega prevoza večina pomisli na rdeče avtobuse, črne taksije in seveda podzemno železnico. Te oblike javnega prevoza so popolnoma dovolj za večino turistov. Marsikdo sploh ne ve, da obstaja še ena vrsta javnega prevoza. To so nadzemni avtonomni vlaki DLR. Nadaljujte z branjem