Božične lučke 2016 3.del

Če ste navdušeni nad drsanjem, vas London ne bo razočaral. V zimskih mesecih je prava mala obsesija z drsališči na prostem. Mi smo poškilili na tiste bolj zanimive in preverili cene in ponudbo. Nadaljujte z branjem


New Year [ENG]

New Year’s Eve is coming and a lot of you will probably spend it abroad, maybe even in London. We did the same in 2010/11.

New year

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Among all the things London has to offer, it also has one of the best New Year’s fireworks in the world, as you can see on the video below. But there is also a bad side, big crowds, unimaginable crowds rolling through the streets around the banks of river Thames. They say there are more than 10 million people on the streets of London on New Year’s Eve. Main advice: find your “firework observation spot” as soon as possible (before 8PM). We made mistake of coming to Embankment station at around 10PM.

It was too late!

We were walking from Embankment to St.Paul’s Cathedral until we finally reached Thames River. All the viewing areas were already full. So if you want to see the fireworks, BE EARLY!

For those of you, who can afford to spend a little more, get a nice dinner table with a view, you could make a reservation at one of the restaurants. Prices go from 50£ onwards, per person.

Here’s a little review of fireworks 2016.

Update 2016

Since 2014/15, watching fireworks on the banks of river Thames is no longer free of charge. Since then, you have to buy a ticket for one of the viewing areas. Tickets cost 10£ per person. It’s the same this year.

You can get tickets on this site. Altogether there will be 100.000 tickets available, so if you’re thinking about buying it, be fast. You can choose from 5 viewing areas on the banks or bridges across river Thames marked with colours:

  • blue (Westminster Bridge to Embankment station)
  • red (Embankment station to Temple station)
  • white (Westminster Bridge)
  • green (Area around London Eye)
  • pink (Waterloo Bridge)

Each customer can buy up to 4 tickets. You have to have your ID with you on New Year’s Eve.

There will be live DJ acts before and after fireworks, so you could think of it as a big outdoors party. Entry to viewing areas is available after 8PM.

All of you, who will buy tickets expect to get them around Christmas.

London’s New Year’s Day Parade

If you’re not too Hungover on January 1st, you could check out London’s New Year’s Day Parade, the biggest New Year’s Day parade in the world. It starts at noon in Green Park and goes through Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar square and ends at Westminster Palace. You will see interesting cars, cyclists, marching bands from all around the world, choirs, performers… Definitely worth it.

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Slovenska verzija

What’s happening – July [ENG]

Summer! Even though London is not a seaside city, it’s still top summer destination for many travelers. Why? The city lights up with many festivals, city beaches and concerts. Are you a sports fan? Maybe you’ve heard about a little tennis tournament called Wimbledon. No matter what excites you, London is a must see destination this summer.

beach 3

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Kaj dogaja – Julij [SLO]

Poletje! Čeprav London ne leži ob morju, je tudi v poletnem času top destinacija za mnoge turiste. Zakaj? Mesto zaživi z mnogimi festivali, mestnimi plažami in koncerti. Ste športni navdušenec? Morda ste že slišali za majhen teniški turnir, ki se imenuje Wimbledon. Ne glede na to, kaj vas navdušuje, London je must see destinacija tega poletja.

beach 3

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DLR – Docklands Light Railway [ENG]

When it comes to London public transport, many will firstly think of red buses, black cabs and of course, the underground. These forms of public transport are perfectly fine for most of the tourists. Many of them don’t even know, that there’s another way of getting around some parts of London. And that’s automated light railway system called DLR. Nadaljujte z branjem

DLR – Docklands Light Railway [SLO]

Ob omembi londonskega javnega prevoza večina pomisli na rdeče avtobuse, črne taksije in seveda podzemno železnico. Te oblike javnega prevoza so popolnoma dovolj za večino turistov. Marsikdo sploh ne ve, da obstaja še ena vrsta javnega prevoza. To so nadzemni avtonomni vlaki DLR. Nadaljujte z branjem

Kaj dogaja – Maj

Za marsikoga je Maj najlepši mesec v letu. Aprilsko sivino nadomesti sonce, prebuja se pomlad. Jakne in plašče lahko pustimo v omari, postopoma pa tam ostanejo tudi jope in puloverji. Ponovno zaživijo aktivnosti in dogodki na prostem in nič drugače ni v britanski prestolnici. Vas zanima kaj dogaja? Preberite v nadaljevanju. Nadaljujte z branjem